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Kizzy Craig

Hi All,

I am a budding makeup artist in the beautiful island of Tobago. I love using colours that reflect the beauty of my caribbean island, the blue hues of the seas, the golden browns of the earth, the shimmery tones of the starry night sky, greens of the lush vegetation and yellows, oranges that reflect the passionate embraces and warm smiles of my Tobago people.

I do subtle, artistic, bridal, innovative, contemporary radical and feature enhancing makeup looks.

Events include: Casual, Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate or just for the fun of it.

Book me for Carnival, Halloween or other party type social gatherings.

Face painting also available for the kids!!!

Prince Range $200-$600 TT dollars

Tell me the look you desire and we will agree on a price.

I am in the business of making beauty your business.